Collection: Fall Fragrance Collection

Our fall fragrances are here!! And unique seasonal melts! Check them out below:

    • Fresh Fallen Pawpaw - LIMITED EDITION, produced for the 24th Annual Ohio Pawpaw Festival in Albany, Ohio! Notes of banana, mango, floral, and apple, this fun blend recalls the smell of foraging fresh pawpaw in the forests of Ohio
    • Orchard Trails - with cinnamon, crisp leaves, apple, and cedar notes, this fragrance reminds us of a warm cup of apple cider while strolling the paths through the family orchard
    • Pumpkin Chai - notes of pumpkin, cardamom, brown sugar, and clove, this fragrance is a classic fall scent that is nostalgic of fall baking or the first warm coffee after those cool fall days roll in
    • Granddad’s Workshop - leather, smoke, and light musk notes, this fragrance reminds of an evening spent with grandad in his shop working on his latest project, telling tales from days past, cigar smoke mingling with crisp fall air.
    • Pumpkin wax melts - three cute jack-o-lantern designs! 12 in each bag
    • Leaf wax melts - three large leaf designs, a perfect match for our fall fragrances!