Collection: Winter Collection

  • Peppermint Mocha - a classic warm drink for the winter months, enjoyed by the fireplace or after a snow day of sledding! Notes of peppermintchocolate, vanilla, coconut milk makes a perfect sweet cozy fragrance
  • Yuletide with pine, ozone, citrus, juniper, and sage notes. Reminiscent of family days hunting for the perfect tree to decorate, then falling asleep watching the lights twinkle 
  • Winter Night - notes of mint, ozone, camphor, eucalyptus, cypress, patchouli, cedar, and incense. This unique scent is refreshing to the senses like the crisp winter air on a late night stroll, or waking to the stillness of the first snowfall
  • Gingerbread House - a blend of notes of vanillagingernutmeg, clove, molasses, and sugar, this fragrance smells like mom’s kitchen preparing gingerbread for the kids to build elaborate houses with sweet icing and candies
  • Candied Plums - this sweet scent with notes of citrus, plum, black cherry, light musk, amber, and vanilla, makes us think of crystalline sugared fruits found on grandma’s counter
  • Fruit Cake - nostalgic of classic holiday home baking, this scent is sweet and warm, with notes of cinnamon, peppercorn, creamcardamom, ginger, chestnut, and wood