Quirky Perks

Local Pick Up

If you are in the Columbus OH area you're in luck! At checkout you can select the option to pick up. That will send us a notification and we will reach out to you to organize picking up your order. Instructions will also be included in your completed order information.

A standard 20% discount exists for any local pick up orders as of 8/1/2022. If an order is found to have selected shipping options but utilizing the local pick up discount - that order will be canceled and we ask you reorder. Thank you!! 

Please use the following discount code at check out: LOCALPICK

Candle Refill 

If you've purchased from us before or have a special container at home that you wish to refill with one of our blends - we would be happy to refill it! Fill out a contact form for info, soon we will have a form separate for this option. A 10% discount exists to use when refilling a candle. Fill out our request form here.

If you're local we can set up a time to drop off the vessel, and if you are not local shipping is an option. All vessels are subject to inspection prior to approval/denial for their fitness to be re-used as a candle. See the list below of good vs bad vessels.

Good Vessels  Bad Vessels
  • previous candle container
  • heat resistant ceramic
  • sturdy glass
  • aluminum can
  • wide opening
  • consistent size top to bottom
  • anything plastic or paper
  • not heat resistant
  • chipped glass
  • cans covered in plastic or paper sleeve design
  • narrow opening